29 Apr 22

1 week to go until Colour Run

Only one week to go until our rescheduled Colour Run on Friday 6 May (Week 1 of Term 2). We hope you have continued to raise money over the holidays – we still have a way to go to hit our goal, and this event has traditionally been one of our biggest school fundraisers. Sign up at www.schoolfundraising.com.au

Why raise funds?

  • Money raised will help upgrade primary playground equipment AND secondary toilets
  • The highest fundraising class + individual will colour bomb Mr Symonds AND win a class pizza party
  • If we hit $10,000, the runner up class will colour bomb Ms Eichenberger
  • All students that raise over $100 will receive a free packet of Sugar Free-zies icy poles (on top of the usual incentive prizes)
  • NEW! The class that raises the most amount of money during the holidays will win a set of face painting crayons to decorate themselves on run day.

We really hope that everyone will keep supporting our fundraising endeavours over these holidays to help upgrade our primary playground equipment and secondary school toilets.

Check your emails early next week for details on the run day itself – we can’t wait to get colourful!