18 Feb 22

2021 SACE Results & Transition

2021 SACE Results and Transition

In yet another challenging year for our students, Reynella East College achieved a 95.59% SACE completion rate in 2021. While this is a slight drop from 2020 we are still happy with the overall success of our SACE students this year.

Along with these overall results we had 92 grades in the A grade bands. Within these results were 4 A+’s, 2 with Merit. Congratulations to:

  • Abby Beeche (Health)
  • Mitchell Isaacs (General Mathematics)

2021 High Achievers

The top score was achieved by Abby Beeche, with an of ATAR 96.4

In 2021 we had 14 students achieve an ATAR above 80, three of which were in excess of 90. These students will be honoured at a special High Achievers assembly later this term:

Mitchell Isaacs: ATAR 96.35

Hannah Bradbury: ATAR 92.7

Jaymee Anderson: ATAR 89.1

Nathan Nairn: ATAR 87.9

Chelsea Nicholls: ATAR 87.4

Millie Whinney: ATAR 87.3

Hannah Weyland: ATAR 85.25

Eden Davidson: ATAR 83.15

Shania Navazeni: ATAR 82.65

Flynn Kageler: ATAR 82.6

Kaitlyn Griggs: ATAR 82.35

Jasmyn Lowe: ATAR 82.2

Mashood Mehar: ATAR 80.8

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Stage 2 School Subject Results – by Grade Distribution by Year (2017-2021)

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Students have followed a range of pathways, including University, TAFE, apprenticeships and employment.

University Offers

First round university offers for our students who applied for tertiary education:


Zoe Allan  B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Jaymee Anderson  B Speech Pathology
Reia Araki  B Business (Marketing)
Abby Beeche  B Psychology (Hons)
Hannah Bradbury  B Medical Science
Isabella Brinkworth B Arts/Music (Music Education & Pedagogy)
Connor Carman B Banking & Finance
Khuloud Chahine B Health Sciences/M Occupational Therapy
Chak Chan B Architectural Design
Chloe Cousins B Arts
Eden Davidson B Teaching (Secondary)/Arts
Isobella Davies B Disability & Developmental Education
Gabrielle Farrow B Creative Arts (Visual)
Kirsty Ferguson B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Sophie Field B Arts
Hayden Gardiner B Engineering (Hons) General Entry
Sunjay Gounder B Engineering (Hons) (Electrical & Electronic) Double
Teegan Graham B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Hannah Griggs B Human Nutrition
Kaitlyn Griggs B Behavioural Science (Psych)
Gypsy Hefferan B Education (Secondary)
Mia Higgins B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Alexander Hivon B Commerce
Mitchell Isaacs B Exercise Science
Brooke Jacques-Dempsey B Psychological Science
George Jahshan B Health Sciences
Amy Jenkins B Health Sciences
Elain Jones B Human Movement
Flynn Kageler B Engineering (Software) (Hons)
Harris Khaliq B Engineering Science
Jake Lambden-Stewart B Behavioural Science (Psychology)
Ebanie Lenton B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Chloe Lines B Social Work
Koewyn Lord-Riley B Psychological Science
Jasmyn Lowe B Psychological Science
Matthew Lucas B Education (Secondary)
Mashood Mehar B Medical Science
Tara Moore B Social Work
Nathan Nairn B Engineering (Hons) (Mechanical) Double
Shania Navazeni B Teaching (Secondary)/Arts
Nam Nguyen B Business (International)
Chelsea Nicholls B Engineering (Civil) (Hons)
Hayden Pearce B Science (Chemical Sciences)
Campbell Plenty B Health Sciences (Physiology & Neuroscience)
Adelle Pratt B Early Childhood Education (Hons)
Abbey Reynolds B Psychological Science
Jasmine Schulz B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Ashleigh Scroop B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
Tara Songer B Laboratory Medicine (Hons)
Sage Tulloch-Hoskins B Education (Primary)
Jayda Webb B Education (Primary)
Hannah Weyland B Midwifery (Pre-Registration)
April Whiffen B Arts
Amelia Whinney B Criminology
Dylan Worrall B Human Movement/B Nutrition
Jun Yeung B International Relations


2021 Vocational Education & Training High Achievers

The following students completed a range of industry certificates as part of their SACE:

Certificate III Animal Care – Rural Operations
Makayla Glover
Lily Wellard
Madeleine Ayliffe

Certificate III Carpentry (partial)
Harry Bird
Jacob Phillips-Hodgson
Christian Persico
Joshua Barnes
Ethan Gerrad
Annabelle Piscopo
Daniel Menzies
Riley Fogarty
Kieran Rigby
Jack Ball

Certificate III Coding for Game Development
Caleb Barrett
Caleb Greenfield
William Messenger
Jake Somerford
Jedd Strawbridge

Certificate III Fitness
Shakylah Farrow
Taylah Cook
Jack Sibahi-Jackson
Lily Stuckey

Certificate III Screen & Media
Brandon Lundie-Jenkins

Certificate III Individual Support (Ageing)
Clare Winzil

Certificate III Individual Support – Disability
Ashleigh Oakes
Emma Visser

Certificate III Beauty Services
Bethany Croke

Certificate III in Make Up
Jessica Wood

Certificate III Music
Isabella Brinkworth
Jess Juckes
Brett Dalgarno

SSASTA Certificate III Fitness
Silas Holmes

Certificate III Information, Digital Media & Technology
William Messenger

Certificate III Community Services
Liana Webb

Certificate III Dance Teaching & Management
Rachael Rowett

Certificate III Early Childhood Education & Care
Tia Reed
Madison Butcher
Caitlin Brewin
Holly Roberts
Alicia Rice
Hayley Roach
Beth Paull
Courtney Skilling
Jade Leeson
Maddyson Lindsay
Kate Johnston
Jayda Webb

Successful VET Transitions 2021

Fifteen students gained apprenticeships in areas of: Construction, Automotive and Hairdressing.

Fourteen students began a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship in a range of industry areas including Construction, Hairdressing, Automotive, School Support Officer and Individual Support (Disability).

Twenty-four of our Year 12 students used their Certificate III to contribute to their SACE completion.

Claire, who completed SACE with Cert III Individual Support (Ageing), is continuing studies in Nursing.

Ashleigh, who completed Certificate III Individual Support (Disability), is now working in the Disability sector and studying at university.

Alanah Cathro – Assistant Principal – Personalised Learning

While there is a special congratulations for these students and their teachers, we extend our thanks to all teachers for their hard work during 2021 that has enabled our students to be successful.