07 Jul 23

7-12 Celebration Assembly

Earlier today we held our very first combined 7-12 Celebration Assembly in the Wayikuu Centre.

Another first was the introduction of the College Values Awards, which aim to recognise the positive contributions students are able to make at REC in line with our college values: Responsibility, Empathy and Courage. We are pleased to announce the inaugural winners of the College Values Awards:

Abby H – Responsibility
Jessica S – Empathy
Dexter W – Courage
Katie N – Responsibility
Summer C – Courage
Absolom B – Empathy

Rani C – Courage
Beau B – Responsibility
Shea H – Empathy
Courtney P – Responsibility
Jordan G – Courage
Dahlia P – Empathy

Jody S – Empathy
Issy B – Empathy
Braiden T – Courage
Brayden K – Responsibility
Mia D – Responsibility

Sam T – Empathy
Daniel M – Responsibility
Tayla M – Courage
Lachie K – Responsibility
Darcy S – Responsibility
Zac B – Courage

Mali W – Empathy
Charlie G – Courage
Lilly M – Responsibility
Harry C – Responsibility
Joseph F – Empathy
Riley C – Courage

Also acknowledged at this assembly were over 250 students who received a Merit awards, for achieving all A and B grades in their Semester 1 reports.

The following students were presented with Excellence awards for achieving all A grades:

Year 7
Jasmine C
Arleigh F
Ella M
Sophie B

Year 8
Naomi C
Alexis B
Poppy T

Year 9
Madi B
Katie N

Year 10
Chloe R
Halle M
Summer G
Lia T
Liam W
Dorsa N

Year 11
Riley C
Willow M

Year 12
Jess B
Liam K
Tameika L
John F
Annalise S
Tahlia B
Teleya A
Hannah G
Summer S

Congratulations to all our students for demonstrating our College Values and striving for personal growth.