01 Feb 22

Communication at REC

Dear families,

Welcome to 2022 at REC. We are aware that a lot of information has been sent through recently, which can seem overwhelming. Below is a summary of the different methods of keeping up to date about the college and your child’s schooling.

  • Email
    Email is our primary method of communication, particularly around whole school events and information.
  • Seqta
    For students in Years 7-12: communicate with your child’s teachers and vice versa via seqta’s direqt messages, view your child’s timetable, lesson attendance, assignments and achievements.
  • Seesaw
    For students in Years P-6: receive announcements relevant for primary students, communicate directly with classroom teachers and receive updates about your child’s work.
  • Website
    Our website contains just about everything you need to know about REC, such as upcoming events, school fees, uniform, college life and curriculum information.
  • News
    Rather than a formal newsletter, our stories are published on our website’s newsfeed. Each Friday we’ll send an email with the news headlines.
  • Facebook
    As well as our official Facebook page, we also have several special interest pages. You are encouraged to explore, like and share:

Official Facebook page of Reynella East College
The purpose of our Facebook presence is as an information push to our community. Stories from our website newsfeed will also appear here.

Community at REC
This Community Noticeboard provides information to our community about local programs and events.

Sport at REC
For news and results of our students’ sport participation, including tennis, football, soccer, netball, cricket, swimming, BMX and more.

Volleyball at REC
To keep our ‘EASTS’ Volleyball community connected.

Old Scholars at REC
We encourage REC/REHS old scholars to like this page so we can keep in touch, find out ‘where are they now?’ and share relevant school news and events.

Library at REC
Our dedicated library staff use this page to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of reading.

  • Instagram

Official school Instagram page.

Reynella East International   Keeping our international students, their families and the wider school community connected.

  • Need help?
    For general school queries, please contact the school direct rather than via social media. Email [email protected] or phone 8329 2300. For issues accessing or using Seqta or Seesaw please speak with your homegroup/class room teacher in the first instance. For further technical advice call the school and ask for ICT or email [email protected]