17 May 22

Cross Country

What a wonderful day we had at Thalassa Park participating in the Southern Valley District Cross Country Day on Thursday 5 May. The day is notorious for some interesting weather, but other than a brief downpour in the middle of the day, we got pretty lucky. The students, many of whom attended for the first time, enjoyed their experience, cheered on their teammates enthusiastically and tried their hardest on what was a very difficult track with steep hills and tough terrain. Ages ranged from a couple of students who haven’t even turned 9 yet running in the 10 year olds’ competition, to 12 year olds in Year 6.

Our training over the course of five or so weeks at Running Club seemed to pay off with many students finishing in the top 20 in their races, some of which had over 80 students! This included Darcy R, Shelby J, Lily B, Allirah H, Ethan B, Aanya M, Alyssa P and Sasha W. Super special mention also needs to go to Rylee J and Ryan H who finished 4th and 5th in their races respectively, and were able to score themselves a ticket to State Day at Oakbank in a few weeks’ time! A massive well done to all!