20 Jun 23

Dance choreographic competitions

In Week 5 we held the REC 9th Annual Choreographic Competition. This was our biggest choreographic competition yet; so big we needed to hold it over 2 nights! Across our 2 sold out shows we saw an amazing array of dance styles and creativity from close to 100 students in Years 4-12. Our esteemed adjudicators Ann Tannebring (Christies Beach High School) and Sara Crockford (Christies Beach Primary School) had the difficult task of selecting our winners. We congratulate the following students:

Stage 2
Winner: Jorja Thompson
Runner Up: Jada H

Stage 1
Winner: Tamara D
Runner Up: Jasmine H and Shayla B
Special Mention: Zane H and Kodie B, Chelsea B

Year 10
Winner: Maddison R
Runner Up: Emily R, Aaliyah W, Shelby Z
Special Mention: Ash C

Year 9
Winner: Brianna W, Charlize B, Jacinta B
Runner Up: Lilli S, Deana R, Jemma O
Special Mention: Sophie I, Amberly B, Nirvana O, Skyler G, Isabella C and Courtney B, Emma A and Ebony J

Year 8
Winner: Kaylee B and Eliza R
Runner Up: Chloe R and Mikayla T
Special Mention: Jasmine S and Zahra S, Clarity L, Jasmine C

Best Solo: Hayley H
Runner up: Amelie O
Special Mention: Elsie P, Sybella K, Jorja D

Best Duo: Ruby T and Iylah C
Runner up: Elliet W and Alyssa L
Special Mention: Sienna D and Ruby B

Best Group: Shelby J, Aurora J, Paige N, Kelleisha K, Danieka W, Acelyn K
Runner up: Lillie W, Sherry J, Scarlett A, Scarlett P
Special Mention: Eevii W, Isobel H, Layla G, Izaya L