10 Jun 22

E-sports news: REC enters Rocket League

This year is the first time that Reynella East College has entered the fray that is Rocket League and with 3 teams no less! After week two of the competition we are excited to have now been streamed on twitch.

Fortunately, the Big Angry Ducks won by default in their original game and were able to tussle with Glenunga International High School to some live viewers and commentators.

We have a Year 12 team, sticking with the traditional name, the Big Angry Ducks aka ‘BAD’. This team is made up of Cooper R (Fearless Leader), Aiden K and William M and they are ranked in the top 0.35% of the game.


The second team is a Year 11 team, who have drawn inspiration from the original name and called themselves the Small Angry Ducks aka ‘SAD’. This team consists of Zachary V (Commander-in-chief), Blake W and Oliver Sl. While these guys don’t have the extreme rank of the Year 12s they are making up for it with enthusiasm, driven by the extreme E-sport literacy that Zachary possesses.


Finally, rounding out the three teams is the creatively named Foot Lettuce. This up and coming team is run by Harrison F (El Capitan) and comprises Mason B and Brayden H. This team is especially surprising to watch as you never know what they are going to do (and a lot of the time neither do they!).


We know the teams would appreciate your support over the next 5 weeks of the competition!