30 Mar 22

Fringe @ REC

In Week 7 we held our 2022 [email protected] event. We were prepared and raring to go. Festoon lights ready to adorn the courtyards, art and design works prepped for display, films cued up on screen, music, dance and drama rehearsed and ready to go, and food, drinks and coffee all prepped ready for the big night. After 5 years of perfect weather for this event, our luck finally ran out, and the heavy rain made the courtyards unsafe for performers and our audience.

Everyone rallied together to relocate the coffee cart, bar, visual art and design displays and create a dynamic performing arts space fit for our dance, drama and music items in the Fraser Gym.

The students did not disappoint. The delicious food, performances and works on display were excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended. Despite the change of location, the students really brought their A-game and put on a show to remember.

We are grateful for the support of our wonderful staff members who gave up their time to prepare the students, set up and run the event and who worked so hard to ensure we could provide this opportunity for our students to share their arts learning with their families, friends and school community.