05 Sep 23

How Sweet was the Chocolate Factory?

The incredible performances of this year’s whole school production, The Chocolate Factory, were the culmination of many months of planning, preparation, auditioning and rehearsal.

With hundreds of primary and secondary students involved as cast, assistant directors, stage manager, backstage crew, AV crew, dancers, choir, band, set designers and prop-makers, this production was huge to say the least. Every one of our students did us all proud. Our lead cast members were all incredible: Lily M was a fantastic narrator, Riley C and Jayden P were so good as Charlie and Willy Wonka, and no one will forget Holli A’s Veruca and Lincoln F’s Augustus any time soon.

All of the dancers, choir and band also put on amazing performances. We were all blown away by the talent and pride our students demonstrated in their performances. Monique F and Rhy B showed excellent leadership in their roles as assistant directors, Micah G took on the massive role of stage manager, guided by the ever patient and very skilled Paige Goodwin, without whom the production would not have been so successful and polished; and Courtney P and Isabel B worked very well under pressure in lights and visuals.

This production would not have been possible without the hard work, time and effort from so many supportive staff members and parents. In particular: Producer Justin Schultz, Director Jayson Smart, Primary Choreographer Andrew Rusk and the many parents, students and staff who supported behind the scenes. We thank each and every one of them for their encouragement of an environment that allows the arts and arts students to thrive.