03 Dec 19

Ministerial Visit

The spotlight continues for our newly-published authors after a visit last week from State Member for Black and Minister for the Environment and Water, David Speirs MP.

The Year 10 science students made the news in July for writing 3000 Days – a climate change battle. The book drew the attention of Mr Speirs after a copy made its way to the parliamentary library.

During his visit, George J, Lachlan O, Ashleigh S, Isabella B and Hayden P gave examples of problems facing the environment, and how each chapter of the book provided solutions for individuals and on a global scale. They included:

  • reduction in meat consumption
  • limits to deforestation
  • education to help slow population growth

They learned from Mr Speirs that 40% of landfill comes from food waste, and they discussed how locals could improve this with the introduction of fortnightly green bin collection. Principal Caroline Green asked the minister if the government would mandate for ‘nude school food’ and provide funding for recycling bins at school; he indicated his intention to discuss this with the Education Minister.

Mr Speirs shared that South Australia is faring better than other states: we are tracking towards 75% renewable energy sources by 2023, with a target of 100% by 2025. He agreed Australia lags behind Europe in the adoption of electric vehicles, when Hayden called on the government to provide better infrastructure, as the cost factor puts these cars out of the financial reach of the average person.

There was an air of optimism knowing that education is key; with younger students already adopting climate-friendly practices, everyday habits should improve as they bring them back to their families.

Mr Speirs final message: the key to using items is:

Best option = DON’T use

Next option = RE-use

Next option = RE-cycle (or UP-cycle)

Families will have the opportunity to make cash by re- or up-cycling at the 2020 Community Markets at REC, by selling their old clothes and other items. The first market will be held on 2 February.