20 Nov 23

National BMX Championships

Kyle F is one of our Year 12 students who competed in the 2023 National BMX Championships. He graduated on Thursday 26 November then headed off to train and compete for a week in Shepparton.

Kyle competed in the 17-24 age group throughout the year, with the 5-race National Cup held in WA, NSW and Victoria. He rode extremely well and was coming into the last round sitting in first position. After an off, Kyle ran with his bike across the line (due to damage) cementing 1A in the series. The cheers from the crowd were loud and encouraging as he ran the last straight.

The National Titles saw a competitive field of 53 riders line up in his age group. Kyle made his way through the 3 motos, quarter and semi in positions of 1st, 2nds and 3rds, making it into the final and finishing off with 6A.

Now it’s time to finish off the year with one round of State Series and get training for the 2024 season.