26 Oct 22

Personal Leadership Program – by Youth Opportunities

Last term I had the pleasure of taking this group of students out for the Personal Leadership program. While I was unsure what to expect from this program at the start all I can say is it is fabulous. Watching these young people develop their personal leadership skills, confidence and interpersonal skills has been fantastic. The way they have engaged with each other, developed new friendships and put themselves out of their ordinary peer groups is a credit to them.

Students set themselves goals and challenges and worked on these throughout the program to experience success. From something as simple as a distraction tally to overcoming their fear of public speaking, every person here has experienced a win every day they have come to the program.

They have all tackled this program whole heartedly, been kind and funny, tried different foods and even conducted a science experiment of their own volition. They are all weird and wonderful in their own way and I am glad I was the lucky person to experience this with them.

Week 10 saw their graduation from the program which was a culmination of the hard work they have put in. The graduation was student led and each student read to the audience a reflection of the progress they have made throughout; something I am sure none of them thought they would be able to accomplish prior to this program.

Well done to all the students and the Youth Opportunities trainers, Mel & Mike

Read more about Youth Opportunities here: https://youthopportunities.com.au/what-we-do/personal-leadership-program/

Karen Pearce
Student Wellbeing Leader 10-12