19 Aug 22

REC debating

Our debate team experienced a steep learning curve in Week 2’s competition with a 90 minute short preparation debate versus Aberfoyle HS. At 6.15pm they were given the topic:
“That Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a bad move.” We were arguing for the affirmative.

Taliah J, Andre D, Riley C and Georgina D then had 90 minutes to research, prepare and write their speeches. This was extremely challenging and they did a wonderful job, creating five arguments for our case.

Taliah, Andre and Riley debated strongly and spoke well, giving quality rebuttals. In the end, Aberfoyle was a bit too strong and took the win. Now we wait to find out if we make the finals series.

Our students always represent our school beautifully and their teacher Mr Woodley was very proud of them.