23 Jul 21

REC students go to Mars!

A group of 22 High Band Year 8 and 9 students travelled to Hamilton Secondary College to experience Space School – Mission to Mars.

The mini astronauts were placed into two teams; orange team Viking and blue team Mariner. Dressing in official NASA jumpsuits the crew were challenged by having to operate a simulated control room whilst also directing Mars surface astronauts. Surface rock samples were obtained and then analysed in a laboratory to help prove if water was once present on our distant neighbour.
A fantastic day of learning about our universe, team work, resilience and communication skills. Look out NASA – the students from REC are coming for you!

I enjoyed my trip to Hamilton College Space School, as it was a great experience and an amazing opportunity. My favourite event was heading into mission control and directing astronauts through their mission. During this experience I learnt about some of the tasks done during space travel.
– Taylah

The high band leaners got to go on an opportunity that would rarely be presented. We got to go to Hamilton Secondary School to learn all about Mars. Their space school was fascinating, and the activities which we got to do were highly intriguing.
– Jaida