21 Oct 22

REC welcomes WAO + host families needed

Late last term we welcomed our first study tour in 3 years back to REC.

5 students from WAO Mirai Gakuen High School in Okayama Japan spent 10 days living with local families while they attended a range of specialist subjects and lessons unique to our College. They went on excursions to Victor Harbor and the city and enjoyed cultural experiences and outings with their hosts such as meeting kangaroos, enjoying BBQs and trying Tim Tam slams!

They were also supported by our REC buddies and international ambassadors.

At the farewell ceremony each student gave a speech about their Australian experience in Australia and many expressed an interest in returning. As their school is completely online and the students live in various regions in Japan, the immersion experience was huge for them.

Host Families Needed

Our next study tour will see us welcome 18 students from one of our partnership schools, Ushiku High School and we still need host families for 8 of those students, They arrive Tuesday 8 November and depart Saturday 19 November.

Families will be paid approximately $470 for the 11 nights of hosting the student. If you have the room to host two students, you would be paid $940.

Host families:
– need to take the student to/from Reynella East College each day
– provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the student
– are responsible for their welfare while in SA

To be a host family, the following will occur, with support from the school:
– a home visit to your house
– a police check for all members in the home over 18 years old
– Child protection training at REC prior to this.

Hosting is a great way of introducing your family to other cultures, seeing the sights of Adelaide and creating lifelong friendships and memories for the visiting students. If you or anyone you know can assist please contact [email protected]