03 Aug 23

SA Power Networks Robotics Competition

Last term 13 REC students competed in the SA Power Networks Robotics Competition.

This year the challenge was to build a robot that would simulate the process of removing and replacing fuse switches within glass cylinders at the top of electricity poles. This is currently done by hand and can be extremely dangerous. If this process could be automated, it would reduce the risk to SA power Network technicians.

REC was represented by two teams:

Reynella Dynamics – Gabriel C, Mason B, Zac M, Harrison F, Brayden H, Kai S and Christian T

Get wRECked – Daniel R, Courtney P, Braden J, Blake K, Joel B and Harry C.

The competition from the other schools was a very high standard but this group of young people were not intimidated and their determination to succeed was impressive. Despite technical difficulties they were able to communicate with the judges in a mature and reflective manor.

We are proud to announce that once again Reynella Dynamics was awarded the “WD 40” award for the team that tried and tried and tried. Both teams should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and commitment to this event, working every lunchtime for the past 4 months. We look forward to next year’s competition.