18 Aug 23

Senior Debating

Our senior debating team participated in their final round for 2023 recently. They were up against Marryatville and the topic was “that remote communities are unviable.” We were affirmative. Our 3 speakers for the night were Kadence Q, Andre D and Riley C. Taliah J was our Chairperson. It was a short preparation debate, meaning they received the topic 90 minutes before the debate and then researched and prepared their speeches. Our students represented REC in an outstanding manner and produced quality arguments and rebuttals. In the end, we were narrowly defeated by Marryatville on the strengths of their rebuttals to our main points.

Congratulations to all members who participated this year, including Harry C. who filled in at the last minute in Round 3 and Kadence and Taliah, who participated in their final debate. The team was passionately led by Mr Bryce Woodley.