20 Jun 22

Shark Tank

Our Year 10 cohort has completed a Shark Tank-style task for their Personal Learning Plan where students were tasked with inventing a product that solves a problem in today’s world, before pitching it to judges. Groups battled each other in class and then the champions from each group faced off against each other at Adelaide University in front of all the Year 10s, staff from Adelaide Uni and members from The Smith Family.

The overall Grand Year 10 Shark Tank Champions were from Mr Woodley’s class. Group members Micah, Pia, Leo, Adele and Willow invented “eBee”, a personal mental healthcare companion/tracking device that comes with a phone app.

In the words of the students, the eBee is:

“… when a user tells the ebee how they are feeling, depending on what the user says; ebee will go find information from a trusted and reliable source, and use that information to relay it back to the user, and give advice and feedback on what the user can do to improve themselves. eBee may give advice, have a conversation with the user, or give tactics to combat the problem at hand. This idea is similar to that of a ‘Hey Google’, as it is activated with the phrase “Hey eBee”.

Congratulations to the winning eBee team! They spoke well in on front of a large amount of people and represented REC beautifully.