23 Sep 22

Singers Day

Every year the Education Department’s Instrumental Music Program team runs a 2 day workshop and performance known as “Singer’s Day”. This is a great opportunity for singing students across Adelaide to come together and learn a few tunes and develop solo and ensemble (choir) skills and techniques in performing. Last week REC was represented by 7 students:- Lilly M, Lilli S, Hannah G, Monique F, Jayden P, Fon S and Harpreet K. All students enjoyed the experience and developed some new skills and formed new friendships. Harpreet and Hannah were selected for solo parts and showed their expertise professionally. The rehearsal day was held at Underdale High School, followed by a performance in the Foyer of the Adelaide Festival Theatre. This provided pre-show entertainment for those attending the Primary School’s Festival of Music Performance in the main auditorium. Well done!