12 Mar 24

Smith Family Learning for Life

The Learning for Life program works in partnership with families to support their children’s education and increase their chances of success at school. The program supports children’s education from primary to post-school studies, like TAFE or University. Families who meet the criteria and complete the registration process will receive $478 a year for students in Reception to Year 10 and $772 a year for student in Years 11 and 12 to support with the cost of educational expenses, such as uniforms, school supplies and excursions. They will also receive access to a range of programs and offers to support the students educational journey.

Learning  for Life provides:

  • Support from a dedicated Family Partnership Coordinator
  • Access for educational programs for the whole family
  • Scholarship money to help with the costs of schooling


To be eligible for Learning for Life, you must:

  • Have a Health Care or Pension Concession Card
  • Have a child in Reception to Year 8 at a school that The Smith Family works with (that’s us!)
  • Support your child to attend school regularly


To register your interest in Learning for Life, you need to:

  1. Click this link
  2. Fill out the relevant details (your name, phone number, child/ren’s details and school information)
  3. You will receive an email from The Smith Family with information about the next steps.