15 Aug 22

Snapchat safety

Social media is an ever-changing landscape. For parents, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate this space and keep abreast of what our children are using as a platform to communicate with each other. From our conversations with many students in the high school, it is clear that Snapchat is the preferred platform. We believe this is the case in the primary school too, despite young people needing to be 13 years old to sign up for it. However, there is no age verification built into the app so young people can add a false date of birth.
Recently Snapchat launched a Family Centre within their app, a tool for carers to help their children keep safe whilst on the app.
For more information go to www.techguide.com.au/news/internet-news/snapchat-launches-new-family-centre-to-make-the-platform-safer/

Karen Pearce, Alan Peat & Michelle Lee
Student Wellbeing Leaders