18 Nov 20

Tiny Houses

How much does it actually cost to buy a house (including ALL the interest!)? Would you live in a tiny house if it meant you could own it outright and live sustainably?

Year 9s grappled with these questions last term in their integrated Maths and Science unit on tiny houses.

Students designed their own tiny houses that would fit within a 15 square metre footprint. They used chalk to draw the floor plan of their tiny house around the school – and it was shocking to see just how small a tiny house is!

Students explored sustainability and how they could choose materials and colours that would give best insulation for warmth or reflection of heat for cooling in a particular climate. Their mathematical knowledge of measurement helped them to calculate costings for their unique surface areas and volumes of tiny houses.

Year 9 students showcased some of their tiny house to-scale constructions to the whole school in an expo of their learning. Prototypes on display included a 3-D printed tiny house, two story tiny houses with lofts, L-shaped houses, and miniature cardboard kitchens and bathrooms!

Congratulations to all year 9s and their teachers for the fantastic displays of learning from last term.

Lara Lang
Assistant Principal (Innovations in Science and STEM)

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