30 Sep 22

Uniform Shop Update

The uniform shop will return to the following opening hours in Term 4:

• Tuesday: 8.00am-10.00am
• Thursday: 2.00pm-4.00pm

We thank you for your support during the recent closure due to staff shortage.

Online ordering is always available via the Qkr! app. You can collect your order from Student Services when advised of the delivery.

We have received feedback regarding the future outsourcing of the uniform shop and hope the following answers any questions you may have:

Q: Will the uniform shop be leaving the school?
A: A uniform shop will remain onsite.

Q: What is a tender application?
A: Tendering is the process where an organisation in need of goods/services (in this case, REC) invites other parties to submit a proposal or bid to provide these goods/services (uniform and canteen). The party that provides the services that best meet the needs of the College community will be awarded the initial contract.

Q: How will outsourcing benefit the school?
A: We are looking for companies who offer more flexible opening hours, shorter turnaround times with online orders and a uniform range comparable in cost and quality to the current range. It also provides an income stream for the college that would be used for the benefit of students without constraints of hidden costs.

Q: Why were we not consulted?
A: Members of our community are invited each year to join the REC Governing Council to offer their input. Individual sub-committees such as the Uniform Committee work with leadership to implement changes. Read more about governing council here: https://www.reynellaec.sa.edu.au/our-school/governing-council/

Q: When will we know more about the new uniform shop?
A: We are hopeful the process will be completed and in place by the start of the new school year in 2023. The process is lengthy and will be managed by an evaluation team with REC leadership and governing council representation, who will assess each provider’s application and choose one that best meets our needs. We will inform families of progress via email and the school’s website newsfeed.

Thank you for your support during this important process.