31 Mar 20

Wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

For Caregivers of Children, Partners, Parents and Friends

These are difficult times. People all over the world and all over the country are grappling with COVID-19, in all different stages and circumstances. This experience is forced on us, so let’s cope with it in healthy ways as a school community.

For our young people, routine is the key. Psychologically reacting in unhealthy and unproductive ways can amp up the concern and uncertainty our young people are feeling. As they work from home, let’s try to normalise their education as much as we can:

• Promote regular waking and bed times to help children develop a sense of purpose for each day
• Suggest they get dressed in their school uniform for the day of education
• Follow their timetable as though they were on site
• Prepare recess and lunch before the school day starts so that it is ready to go at appropriate break times
• Have a list of physical activities young people can undertake at break times to help them feel refreshed when they re-settle to continue working

Reynella East College staff are very mindful of the disruptions to your usual routines that the presence of this virus is causing. Information, conversations and increased levels of stress in the community can lead to people feeling overwhelmed. Knowing what information to trust can also be challenging.

We have sourced a range of useful links for either personal use or for sharing with your family and friends, but this does not replace the existing wellbeing services we offer. Please continue to make contact with us via email, direct messaging or by phoning the school if/when needs and concerns arise – we are here to support you.

Click HERE for wellbeing resources.

Alan, Michelle and Karen will continue to post on the REC website some useful tips and strategies families can try to develop connectedness (and relieve boredom) throughout this period and beyond as well as a range of online and phone resources.

Karen Pearce (Years 10-12), Alan Peat (Years 7-9) & Michelle Lee (Years P-6)

Student Wellbeing Leaders