31 Jul 20

What’s on the Menu Today? Maths

Today’s menu features a morsel of Maths. This forms part of the course counselling process leading up to 2021 subject selection meetings in Week 5 of Term 3.

Entrée: Numbers
Maths is a compulsory subject up to and including SACE years. Students can choose specialty subjects from Year 10.

Main Course: General Mathematics
The Year 10 General Maths course leads to Stage 1 General Maths or Maths for Work and Life and develops skills for the solution of everyday problems.

Dessert: Mathematical Methods
Students who complete Year 9 Maths with an A or B are eligible to study Mathematical Methods in Year 10. A more theoretical course, it leads to Mathematics Methods A, B, C and/or Specialist D course in Stage 1. Topics include trigonometry, equations, number and powers, coordinate geometry, money and finance, algebra, area and volume, statistics and probability.

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