22 Jun 21

Whole School Production: Return to the Future

Thank you to staff, students and families who came and supported Return to the Future last week at the Hopgood Theatre. We had packed audiences and really great feedback about how well the performers and crew executed their roles. Mr Smart and Mr Rusk coordinated amazing dance choreography and direction of the high school dancers and primary performers. Thank you also to Mrs Rycroft for her musical coordination of our mini band and the singers who performed well-known 1950’s songs Mr Sandman, Unchained Melody, Earth Angel and Johnny Be Good, as we travelled back in time. Unforgettable moments of whole school collaboration included the Only You junior primary dance with Year 12 dancers Matthew L and Kirsty F and the many dances interweaving the narrative throughout the show, with dancers in outer space and protestors on earth seeking a better future.

Morgan D played an energetic Matty McBee who travelled back in time to play matchmaker to his parents John and Lindy. Daniel C captured John’s character journey with precision and Abi S played crazed inventor the Doc with an unstoppable force. Isabella B’s Lindy was forthright and passionate as the teen who is enamoured with the arrival of Matty, who appears to be familiar to her. Mr Dutton’s dog Dougal as ‘Newton’ was a star performer too. Other notable performers were Lucas B as Bill and Shania N as Samantha, the wannabe mayor. Jayden P performed as lead singer for the ‘Under the Sea’ dance and also a supporting role as Matty’s grandfather, who crashes into him and causes a cascade of unfolding events.

Our parent volunteer Paige Goodwin brought a professionalism that we have not experienced before as our stage manager, calling cues and encouraging our students to pursue the Arts as a viable industry option. Our student tech crew (Harpreet K, Kai S, Izabel S, Sienna B, Alex G, Millie K and Astra R) found working with a professional production manager was inspiring.

We were so thankful that after our show being cancelled last year due to COVID, that we could see it come to fruition this year and make such beautiful memories for our students. Thank you to all who supported the show.

Julie d’Lima
Director of ‘Return to the Future’ and Leader for the Arts and Innovation