22 Nov 19

Year 10 Climate Change Crusaders Welcomed by Parliament

On 12 November a group of Year 10 science students were welcomed to parliament and acknowledged in the House of Assembly by Member for Hurtle Vale, Nat Cook MP.

The students wrote 3000 Days – a climate change battle and Ms Cook praised our school, our students, and the commitment to action that our young people have to combat climate change.

In her speech, she said:

“Mr Speaker, we have a group of fantastic year 10 students present in the gallery from Reynella East College, who are members of my electorate. I have invited them here today to congratulate them on writing, editing and publishing a fantastic book which highlights the issues of climate change—troubling for us and future generations. The class has produced the 70-page self-published book, entitled 3000 Days, to show their commitment and concern about the environment that they have inherited from us and are forced to grow up in…..

The book was written and published in just one month, which I am sure you will agree is a fantastic effort from the students and their editor, Ms Lara Lang, who is the Assistant Principal at Reynella East College.

Today, we held a small celebration in the Balcony Room for students who are about to complete their exams. We were joined by the federal shadow minister for climate change, the Hon. Mark Butler MP, who has been taking up this fight for many years. Also attending was our deputy leader, the member for Port Adelaide, as well as our leader. Also present were the member for Reynell, the member for Enfield and, from the other place, the Hon. Ms Pnevmatikos joined us. On behalf of everyone in my electorate—and, I hope, the parliament—I would like to say congratulations.”

A copy of the book has been lodged with the South Australian Parliament Research Library for use by MPs and research staff.