22 Jul 21

Year 9 Debates

At the end of last term, the annual Year 9 debating competition took place.

In the first round, teams competed to represent their house in the finals. The topic was In 2021, First Nations children have the same life chances as non-indigenous children. Three teams who argued for the negative won their debates, from homegroups 906, 905 and 909. Class 902 argued for the affirmative to secure their win.

The Grand Finals were hotly contested as the remaining four teams battled it out with the topic Kevin Rudd’s apology in 2008 to Australia’s indigenous peoples was enough to create positive change.

All teams made an outstanding effort as they presented their arguments and rebuttals in front of their peers from Years 7, 8 and 9. In the end, the tournament was won by champion teams Mawson (Naweed M, Ella K, Dom R) and Spence (Erika H, Lily M, Liam H).

Well done to all the participating teams, student adjudicators and timekeepers, and Mr Ferris for the smooth running of the event.