22 Sep 23

Your fees in action: Primary Science

Ever wondered how your Materials and Services charges are used? Over the coming weeks we will highlight just a few ways they are used in the classroom:

Year 4 students in Hewlett 3 recently studied the roles and interactions of consumers, producers and decomposers within a habitat and the decomposition scale of natural and processed materials. This was both Biology and Chemistry.

The experiment was called “The Big Dig”. Each group needed to bury items made of natural and processed materials and wait for 3 weeks. They then dug up the items and made comparisons of the scale of decomposition.

They then used the online editing software Book Creator on their Chromebooks to write and edit their science experiment findings.

Access to a 1:1 Chromebook and the Digital Learning Program is just one of the many resources that your Materials and Ser vices charges go towards for our students.