Business Academy

Reynella East College offers a specialised focused Business Academy that encourages critical and creative thinking, greater ethical understanding and the importance of intercultural interaction. The program offers a subject pathway that allows students to focus on their area of interest, spark their curiosity and build their entrepreneurial skills.

Candidates may be identified for the Business Academy during the Middle School years or can elect to apply during their course counselling and subject selections for Year 11.

During their senior years, students work with specialist teachers and have opportunities for interaction with professionals in the business sector or recent university graduates in areas such as law and business, as well as small business specialists.

The Business Academy is designed to fully equip the student to achieve at a high academic level and to prepare them for continued success on their pathway throughout their secondary schooling and at tertiary and industry level.

Specialist subjects include:

• Business Innovation
• Economics
• Legal Studies

Business Academy Brochure