11 May 23

Arts Week

Term 2 got off to a flying start with Arts Week activities being held every day last week, culminating in a fun-filled dress-up as your favourite artist day on Friday.

Activities held included:

  • Clay wheel throwing, led by Ms Viney, where students learnt how to centre clay and throw a basic form
  • Paint pouring, led by Mr Schultz, where students experimented with different colours, using liquid paint to create interesting effects
  • Keyboard playing, led by Mrs Rycroft, where students learnt some simple melody playing skills
  • Dance, led by Mr Rusk, Ms Chesson, Miss Dix and Mr Smart, where students explored hip hop moves and learnt a short choreographic piece
  • Drama games, led by Mr O’Donnell and Ms Lelliott, where students engaged with warmups and drama games including a murder mystery game.
  • Taiko drumming, led by Mrs Edwards, where percussion students were given instructions on Taiko drumming techniques, vocal cues and learnt to play various rhythmic pieces.

All sessions were well attended and students reported that it was an enjoyable week of a variety of activities, learning some new skills and having fun.

Staff and students produced an impressive collection of arts-themed costumes and outfits on the Friday dress-up day, representing their favourite artists, with many others showing love for their favourite artists by wearing their merch.