12 Apr 24

Communication with our school and use of mobile phones

Under the requirements of the DfE Mobile Phone policy, students in all government schools are required to keep their personal devices, including mobile phones, off and away between the start and end of each school day and while attending authorised school activities off-site.

In upholding this policy, we require parents and caregivers to use the school’s formal communication channels in all instances to communicate with the school or to make contact with their child during school hours.

In instances where students need early collection, or approved leave from the college during school hours, please notify Student Services directly on 8329 2300 (option 2) or through the absentee line on 0473637130 and provide details of your child’s name, year level, reason and the time they are required to sign out, or be collected.

Please note, in keeping with the policy, messages on students’ personal phones will not be accepted.

Thank you for your support.