03 Nov 23

Crazy Colour Day

What a great afternoon we all had at the Crazy Colour Day! Congratulations to all our students, parents and teachers who got out there and made our event such a blast!

It’s an exciting time as we now get to focus on the prizes you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We are still fundraising until Sunday so please keep fundraising. If you have already hit your fundraising target, why not increase it and either get a better prize, or a 2nd prize? We still need to raise another $2300 to crack $10k, so don’t be afraid to share your link some more.

Thank you all to those that fundraised! Now is the exciting part for you all… ordering your prizes.

Even if you have only raised cash, log in (or create) a profile page at schoolfunrun.com.au. Once logged in click ‘Order Prizes’ and follow the prompts.

Please note: If you have selected a goal prize, you still need to log on to order your prizes.