27 Mar 24

Improved Sustainability: New Waste Management

Along with most other schools in South Australia, Reynella East College has made the transition to a new waste management system where our waste is separated into 4 streams:

  • Blue (Paper & Cardboard)
  • Green (Organics)
  • Yellow (Recycling)
  • Red (Waste)

Instead of going into landfill, our waste stream will now be used as an alternative fuel source and we are excited by the opportunity to reduce our impact on landfill.

Over the coming weeks, staff and students will be provided with information to assist with this transition, including signage around the school. The waste streams are very similar to those you would find at home, so families are encouraged to support their students to understand separating their waste into the different types of bins at home.

For those interested, short courses on the new waste stream have also been provided which you are welcome to access:
Waste (Red)
Organics (Green)
Recycling (Yellow)
Paper & Cardboard (Blue)