23 Feb 24

Japanese Connections

REC features in a story on the website of Wao Mirai High School, an online school located in Okayama, Japan: https://www.wao.ed.jp/blog/6332/?fbclid=IwAR02mwprT5FsVxiBwHMEaDp88XwwZX4_Fh0DP-w16D9gDOZ2Pi5nb-cBLfA

Students from over 40 prefectures take classes from the comfort of their bedrooms via a virtual program. In 2022, we welcomed a Study Tour from Wao Mirai where five brave students left their bedroom to begin a two-week educational experience at our College. Since that time, our relationship with WAO Mirai has developed, and we enrolled two full-time students into our Year 11 cohort in 2023. This year, we welcomed back Sota, who has decided to graduate at our College, and three of his colleagues to our College: David, Ryouhei and Hijiri, who will study with us in Year 10 and 11 for 2024. Needless the say, the cultural shift that these students will experience will be life changing and we are extremely proud of the strong relationship that we now have with this unique school in Okayama.