03 Jul 23

RAP program

In Week 8 our Year 10 students participated in the RAP – Road Awareness Program. The presentation by Doug from the MFS and Eli, a road crash survivor, gave them a confronting and realistic insight into road crash trauma. It showed that drivers and passengers can choose their actions in a car, but can’t choose the consequences if they were to crash.

In a survey afterwards, students said they would adopt safer road behaviours as a result. Here’s some of their comments:

“This made me realise that all the ‘small’ risks can take away so much”

“(it) really changed the way I will be a passenger and eventually drive. I will now not show the driver my phone or even distract them in general”

“…it really changed the way I think of distractions on the road and how much it could affect your life in a single moment”

“It really hit hard”

“I’m going to be safer now and make sure my friends stay safe”