05 Dec 23

Senior School Celebration Assembly

Last Friday the Year 10 and 11s gathered in Wayikuu for their end of year celebration Assembly. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award: Andre D
ADF Future Innovators Award: Christian T

REC Values Awards (for Responsibility, Empathy or Courage):
Rigney: Maddison J, Lillie J, Amber M
Bates: Patrick B, Courtney P, Nathaniel N
Spence: Summer W, Jaida D, Ruby C
Mawson: Tiera G, Siobhan P, Eden S
Florey: Ashlee P, Tracey N, Ashlee P

SAFSSA VET Student of the Year: Kayla H

Arts Awards: Emily M (Year 10) and Arlee P (Year 11)

Sport Awards: Claudia S (Year 10) and Matt C (Year 11)

International Student of the Year: Lia T
International Student Ambassador: Benita V

Terry Slaughter Award:
Harry C & Jaida D (Year 10) and Maddison J (Year 11)

Also announced were the student leaders for 2024, including House Leaders, Arts Leaders and the two College Captains Patrick & Jessica.